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imagesSYNC is a Professional Team in Media Field Can Give the Client all what he need to build his TV station or Broadcast Center , Starting from cameras Ending by Home Viewer Watching.
SYNC is Fully Engineering Media System Integrator to Media Channels.

Power :
The Ability of executing Full Media Projects is the first Properties that we can Serve to you ,
Whatever the media project you have we can offer to you the ability to handle the project from the early beginnings to what the viewer see on the Home screen of TV channels.

Do you Have the vision of your project , TV channel , Media Center , Do you have the (think) of these details?
If you have the vision of the Contents of the TV channel you may help us to give you the best solution for your requirements , if this channel news , Sport , Movies , Kids , Mix… this will let us recommend you of the four BESTS :
1. The Best and economical equipment that you will use .
2. The Best Strategy to broadcast.
3. The Best Departments you will make in your Station to prepare the TV shows.
4. The Best Studios Areas.
But if you need us to support you of choosing the contents of your new project this what will pleasure SYNC so much.
Plan :
This is the Engineering Method to produce you the project :
• Draft Designs (for the place and the Diagrams) using Computer Applications (AutoCad or 3D for Decorations).
• Recommended Equipment Lists.
After Confirmation:
• The Platform Designs (for the Departments According the Vision).
• Final Diagrams and Designs.
• Numbering of the Cables in International Standards .
• Bundling The Cables .
• Testing and Running the Devices.
Process :
In Any TV station or Media Broadcasting Center it must be having :
1. Media Materials (playout).
2. Communication Channel.
3. Broadcasting Center (Media City).
SYNC can serve you of making the TV station from Cameras – studio (if needed) to the last device converts the “Video/Audio” Signal to “Fiber or Microwave link” which will come to Broadcast Center which we can help it to convert it again to Video/Audio Signal translating it to RF systems which can be sent then to satellite via High Power Amplifier.
Little Companies (not SYNC) who own Satellites to receive this signal from Broadcast centers to rebroadcast it free to Homes.
PLayOut :
In any TV channels or Broadcast center there must be playout system , this system will be differ in Movie or Music Channel to News channel.
In all Cases SYNC will give you the Best Equipment you need , if its only one Equipment (Playout Server) or Full TV station this is our mission.
Our Main Brand we work in is EMS this Turkish playout systems Grows very well in around 50 countries all over the world by very easy software that give economical solution for all TV channels.
TV channels Department.:
In Live Event TV channels there are Studios includes Cameras , Lights , Microphones to serve presenters and other guests, audience to be in the best view for other Home Viewers.
SYNC will give you the best strategies to choose Cameras and the rest of equipment each as your case ,
Videowall – High Class Vision Mixer – controlled Cameras – Connecting Systems
In this field many Brands we may suggest for you according your case and Budget : SONY – Panasonic – Ross – Grassvalley – Blackmagic and others.

Communication Channel :
Any TV channel will send it Video signal to Broadcast via one of those four ways :
1. Fiber optic (point to point).
2. Satellite news gathering (SNG).
3. Global Internet.
4. Local control in Broadcast Centers.
SYNC will give you the best communication channel in SNGs ATCI is the Brand we use , for fiber optic and internet links we Recommend Qvidium .
Communication Channel :
If the Channel you choose to send the signal is SNG we will introduce you to our Partners who rent Frequencies or who rent fiber Spaces.
Broadcast Centers :
SYNC can give Broadcast Centers the Full Playout Systems cooperating with the Turkish Company Devtek connecting them to Uplink center which will convert the Video signal to Data signal (Encoding) carrying it on Frequency (Modulation) then combine all Channels in One Stream (Multiplexing) then use High Power Amplifier and other communications equipment to send this new Signal to Satellite.
All of these process SYNC will serve you to make it , adding connecting it with the TV channels which have Studios Out of the Broadcast Center.
This part can summarize our TV experience of making TV channels in Small areas , this will let us give you the perfect design for your Van before choosing equipment that cause in small areas we have to be creative to save every small area to serve your project.